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showcase capture

final design for showcase

This is the final designs for the group showcase.

I think we worked well as a team – the project evolved pretty smoothly over the five weeks and we discussed and developed our ideas and took on board each others’ suggestions on how the parts of the projects we as individuals were working on could be improved.

My contribution to the project was to draft and write the proposal as well as as put the PPT presentation together.

I also developed the logo with input from the other team members and created some mock-ups of the web page.

I also collated, printed and bound the project report and created CD artwork.

Sylvia’s expertise got the whole page working – she managed to find some jquery on the Web which allowed alternate background images which gives a sparkly movement to it. She also got hold of a temporary ‘lite’ licence for cu3er which help to create the exact cu3er we wanted – this meat we could have it ona transparent background which allows the images behind to show through.

Jane sorted out the budget and minutes and helped develop the layout ideas and Pedro created the background ‘animated’ images and the home page.


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Development of interface design in Photoshop.

The development of the interface has developed in the last couple of weeks –

The background will consist of a changing palette of five pale abstract images which will contrast with the strong images of the Cub3r. – I find them suggestive of sunlight sparkling on the sea which provides a link with the fact that the designers are Brighton based.

The names are colour coded and correspond with the coloured circles underneath the Cub3r – click on a colour and it will take you to the relevant designers website.

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Ideas developing the basic design for portfolio. I have settled on a fairly simple design – see last two designs (finals) that can be constructed in dreamweaver and applying css3 styling as in the web 2.0 project – shadow and rounded corners. I have chosen a serif (Calluna Regular) and sans serif font (Alte Haas Grotesk) for the text and to provide contrast – both recommended as good for the web – but not your standard web fonts. I’ve settled on the pale blue background as it is clean and fresh – it lifts the main block of colour and is not too intrusive.

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I want quite a plain looking portfolio – with some strong colour and an unusual font, with plenty of space to show the work.

I will have simple navigation – home,  about,  contact – and a side bar for the work divided into three categories Web, Print and Personal. I will use the design as a variation in business cards.

I like the initial idea created in Photoshop. I set up a rough layout in Dreamweaver to see if I could incorporate Pictobrowser but was not convinced of the results. I set up a Flickr account and created a set of images that were imported into Pictobrowser – code was then copied and pasted into Dreamweaver. I tweaked the colours and transparency but aesthetically I am not happy with the results. I think that I may go down the slim box route as I like its simplicity.

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I produced the ppt presentation of our proposal that was presented to the class, though unfortunately I couldn’t make the actual presentation due to work commitments.

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For our group showcase interface we have four team members; myself, Jane Barkway, Sylvia Isteed and Pedro Cardoso. We decide to call our selves 43 .

After an initial meeting we came up with an outline of the sort of project we wanted to create, which I have written up in an initial rough proposal (to be be brushed up once everyone has agreed the details for inclusion in the group project management folder). This is copy and pasted below:

After two meetings we have decided to create a simple single page website.

The single page will operate as a homepage for the group as well as each members ‘portal page’ to their external portfolios, which exist independently from the group site.

This will be achieved (at present) by clicking on a side navigation bar consisting of five links (home plus each group member). When any of the links are clicked the present image will be replaced with a fresh image relevant to the link clicked thus giving the illusion of navigating to a new page.

Links to external individual portfolios will then be made by clicking on the main image of the ‘portal page’ of each team member.

The main impact of the site will be made using CUB3R to showcase work – This is a high impact image slider that is driven by Flash.

The high impact colourful work of each member will be displayed in this slider. This will be offset by a restrained muted background image that will be illustrative in nature.

A style will be agreed among team members and this will be used across the five links. Each member will use their own illustration/images but with design style applied to them to ensure overall consistency.

As a group we have decided against using Brighton or the college as an overall theme – rather we will promote our own individual interests/ideas (?) in the background illustrations – these don’t have to be illustrative/figurative elements – could be abstract if wished.

For the logo I think we are going for a simple design based around numbers/cube/square ideas –

We need to come up with a strapline to support this. (could be as simple as Brighton Web Design)

We need a little bit of  info to introduce ourselves as a group as well – this could be included as one of the  images on the ‘homepage’ CUB3R

We aim to have this part of the project put into an initial working project fairly quickly in order to allow time to develop individual portfolios.

Sylvia is going to work on the technical side – getting the code to work correctly

Pedro is going to have a look at the background templates

Jane is working on the budget

Jessica – proposal and pulling the PPT presentation together.

Below is the rough draft of the website.

project draft

project draft

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The creative industries sector employs 16,000 people in Brighton & Hove, which translates into 10.7% of the workforce.

Brighton is a nationally recognised centre for digital media and web technology companies.

Looking online there seems to be several opportunities for networking through different groups and organisations that you can join, which in turn should help in finding work.

Here are the main sites I found:

Wired Sussex:


Wired Sussex not-for-profit business support agency for the digital media industry based in Brighton.

This site has a jobs page as well as offering internship services.

The Farm


The Farm is a networking group for web designers, developers and people with related new media skills who live in Brighton and the surrounding areas. They have weekly meetings in different venues around Brighton.

They have lots of useful advice and resources as well as links to like-minded groups such as Brighton IPhone creators.

They even have a useful cheat sheet for freelance web designers.



Women in Media was launched to the increase the number of women working in the digital media industry in Sussex, and also to support those who already do.

It is managed and run by Wired Sussex.

The site offers resources and a newsletter plus lists events where there are opportunities to network.

Creative Brighton


Creative Brighton is an independent industry-led group representing the creative industries sector in Brighton & Hove. It is recognised locally and regionally as the primary consultative organisation for the city’s creative sector.

The website has been a gateway to the creative sectors services, news and opportunities that will help you in your work.

More traditional job searches such as in Argus, Brighton’s the local paper turned up jobs, but these were based predominately in London.

Online job agencies such as JobisJob, Indeed and Brighton Jobs turned up Brighton based permanent web design jobs, while Gumtree, Brighton turned up one freelance post.

There are also lots of websites for Brighton freelance website designers – so it seems there is a lot of competition out there.

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