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Web.20 practice logo

Web 2.0 practice logo

This was a classroom project where we are beginning to look at what constitutes Web 2.0 design.

In this case we had to design a logo in Photoshop. Web 2.0 design demands simplicity and boldness mixed with up-to date trends in typography to ensure that your website looks contemporary and relevant, has impact and is readable across a range of platforms.

Logo for project


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I plan to create a Web 2.0 site for the community of designers who work primarily for the NHS or Health Care Promotion units around the UK.

It is a resurrection of a network that existed a few years ago which was a fantastic resource for all who work in this area. These designers often work in Medical Illustration departments and can vary from a single employed person up to a large department of several designers, Medical illustrators often have dual roles acting both as photographers and designers if working in very small departments. They are all working on tight budgets with constraints and protocol that need to be abided by; many work in isolation.

The network brought the designers together and gave them  the chance to discuss, learn and swap ideas about relevant topics in their area of practice. It took the form of a website and also an e-mail discussion group. The whole enterprise was very successful resulting in several annual conferences that managed to raise the profile of designers and also consolidate areas of good practice within the new (at the time) NHS identity and branding as well as highlighting the need for good quality patient information and how that can be approached.

However the two main people who set up this Network have moved into other areas plus the present financial climate means it now operates on a diminished scale as an  e-mail discussion list to which designers regularly still air concerns, discuss ideas and ask questions. I feel this would be a good venture to take on as many elements of Web 2.0 design are highly relevant to this area.

I e-mailed the main person who set up the Designers in Health to see if he would mind me basing a project around this as it would be uploaded to the Web for marking – he said this was fine! I now need to come up with a good alternative name.

The slide show contains all my ideas, plans, source material, research and inspiration

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I have come up with a name – ‘Better by Design’ !

I have been trying to think about the important elements to include in the website, in light of the research carried out for the written part of the project (see below)

I think it should be divided up into distinct areas – A forum, a gallery, a resource area, relevant news including events/meetings/competitions.

Subsections could include things such as  relevant areas of interest/ cross overs/ inspiring things. Also blogs and maybe a more social area. RSS feeds can be included as well as Twitter and maybe the inclusion of a tag cloud if I can work it out!

I want the design to be clean and simple, but vibrant. I have been looking at some of the design forums on-line and find a few look very busy. The web design forum is  quite nice.

I think that I will use an orange and light blue colour combination against white – these colours are fresh and are both associated with health. They are complementary colours so can work very well together The orange gives warmth, while the blue can cool the design down an balance it out. I also think that colour coding the pages may help with navigation as long as the colours are not competing with the overall design.

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