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I tried to create some webpages at home. I used the guidelines taught in the sessions at college. There were a few problems as I am using Dreamweaver 5 rather than 4 and the selected template worked in a slightly different way to the version used in college which gave me all kinds of headaches. However I managed to create a header, insert photos and text. I got the text to run around the images, made links for the navigation bar (which was the main source of my frustration as I couldn’t get it to run horizontally across the page), added a video by pasting code from You Tube, made email, external webpage and pdf links and created named anchors with java script so the viewer can be taken back to the top of a page at a click of the button. I also but text into the title page and added some meta tag information for SEO purposes. I used this exercise to kick start some very preliminary research for my departmental website which will need to utilize all of these things (though the videos won’t be so graphic, they will be more of the PR work carried out by the department).


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This quick classroom project added extra elements such as sound, video, pdf downloads, links to other websites and e-mail addresses. At present the only way I control the sound was to have a link to a the mp3 sound file rather than placing it on the page where it would automatically play.

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With this quick classroom project we refreshed and built on what we had learnt in last weeks lesson. We looked at divs again, changing the appearance of links for navigation purposes and added some javascript named anchors (item 1,2,3,4 etc..) to enable easy movement between articles on the same page.

The javascript was copied and pasted into the head section of the html code and links were added by joining relevant information to the named anchors using the links tool in the properties bar.

This helps to keep large amounts of related information on the same page and means the visitor doesn’t have to scroll back to the top of the page or navigate to superfluous pages. We looked again at meta tags to increase optimisation of website.

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This second classroom project built on what we learnt in the previous session. We built 4 linked webpages using a Dreamweaver template and applied CSS styling to the pages. We brought in artwork created in Photoshop and other photos and generally began to feel our way around Dreamweaver. We did not use coding to build the site, but instead built it in the design option -Dreamweaver automatically generates the code. We looked at the general rules to building the site such as how and where to save files, how to name pages (i.e. the home page is always called index.html) and also how to key in information to optimise the pages – i.e metadata, alt tags,

Prior to building the pages we looked at various websites to analyse what information is included on successful websites (ie those that appear in the the top five) to give an idea how to optimise a site. My research is included below for the top five Brighton garden design websites

Lilybud –gardens by design

<head> Info down to end of Meta name description

Title = Lilybud Gardens by Design: Brighton &amp; Hove Garden Designer

Meta name = Keywords:  gardening,garden,design,brighton,garden design

brighton,landscaping,sussex,planting plans,garden maintenance,landscape gardeners”

meta name = description: Lilybud Gardens by Design: Garden and landscape design and build in Brighton, Hove and Sussex. Tel: 01273 500407.

Header 1 <h1>

Beautiful Gardens that don’t cost the Earth

Body text <p>

We are a garden design and build company, based in Brighton & Hove, creating beautiful gardens across Sussex.  We hope you’ll find us friendly, professional and enthusiastic.

Images <img>


title=”Small garden with a Moroccan feel.

alt=”Moroccan inspired garden, Brighton” title=”Moroccan inspired garden, Brighton”


title=”Garden with curved lawn.

alt=”Curved lawn with metal edge and pebble path, Brigthon”


title=”Large Hove town garden

alt=”Large Hove town garden”


title=”Wildlife garden with willow ball

alt=”Wildlife garden with willow ball

Langlea Garden Design

<head> Info down to end of Meta name description

title = Langlea Garden Design Brighton, Landscapers Brighton &amp; Hove East Sussex, UK

meta name keywords = Garden Design, Garden Designer, Garden Designers, Landscape Gardeners, Brighton, Hove, East Sussex, UK”

meta name description = Langlea Garden Design – Landscape Garden Designers – Garden designers and landscape gardeners in Brighton &amp; Hove East Sussex UK.

Header 1

No text header – animated gif

Body text

Langlea Garden Design – Brighton & Hove, East Sussex Whether it’s a tiny roof garden, traditional cottage garden, contemporary courtyard or a minimalist retreat……

Langlea Garden Design and Construction based in Brighton & Hove East Sussex, will exceed your dreams. For many years Langlea have been creating unique, timeless gardens with enduring appeal and a harmonious sense of place.

Our landscaped gardens are executed to the highest standards with meticulous attention to detail.

We specialise in garden or landscape design and construction, including planting, water features, decking, paving, outdoor rooms, and more.

About Us >>

View our recent landscape garden design projects


Java script gallery

Zachary Lewis Garden Design and Build

<head> Info down to end of Meta name description

Title = Garden Design Brighton and Sussex, Landscape and Garden Designers in Brighton and Sussex

Meta name = Keywords: content=”garden designers brighton, landscape designers brighton, landscape garden designers brighton, garden design brighton, landscape design brighton, landscape garden design brighton, garden designers sussex, landscape designers sussex, landscape garden designers sussex, garden design sussex, landscape design sussex, landscape garden design sussex

meta name = description: Garden design from our garden designers and landscape designers in Brighton, Sussex. We offer garden and landscape design services for large scale domestic, commercial as well as smaller gardens.

Header 1 <h1>

No text header – part of image


alt – ZL Garden Design – Landscape design &amp

Body text <p>

ZL Garden Design Brighton – Landscape and Garden Designers in Brighton, Sussex

Based in Brighton, Sussex ZL Garden Design are firmly established landscape designers and garden designers. We have a passion for all styles of garden in both private and commercial settings. We would hate to be considered only capable of contemporary works, we are led greatly by the space itself and of course the brief and preferences of the client.

“Style is a matter of taste, but design is a matter of principle”.

Covering Brighton, Sussex, London and the south, the landscape and garden designers at ZL Garden Design have forged a reputation for consistently delivering stunning gardens and landscapes

Please take a moment to browse our online garden design portfolio.

For more information, or to talk to our landscape and garden designers

about your garden, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You will see why we are a popular choice for those looking for quality

garden design in Brighton and Hove, Sussex.

Lewispol has ceased trading, anyone wishing to contact Gabriel Pol please click here.

Images <img>

Scroll viewer

flower.jpg alt  – Echinacea flowers

buddhist-garden.jpg alt – Buddhist walled garden

coastal-garden.jpg  alt Coastal Garden

chair.jpg alt – Modern garden design

outdoor-dining.jpg  alt – Outdoor design

courtyard.jpg alt – Modern courtyard

fountains.jpg alt – Garden water features

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This was a first attempt at coding in Dreamweaver completed as a Classroom exercise

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