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This is another header project – to combine elements of text and image to produce three different banners based around the theme of our main project but reflected in three different moods


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Lovely fonts

Here are some lovely designs based around type/fonts or showcases for fonts that I have been discovering and find inspiring.

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This was a project started in the classroom and finished at home. We had to produce three different sized banners around the theme of ‘The Blue Planet’ – a day of celebrating the ocean. I used images that ┬áhave been thrown of focus using the gaussian blur tool in Photoshop. I wanted to suggest a hazy, lazy holiday feel and not draw to much attention as to who the figures may be – they could become you, me, anyone. It also means that the eye becomes drawn to the text which is crisp and sharp in comparison. I have chosen the font Fontin Sans which was a free download and a recommended contemporary font for the web. It is quite light and airy but with a certain amount of seriousness to it, which I felt lent itself to the important message of the banners. I have kept the basic elements of the three pieces of type the same throughout the three banners to ensure consistency – but have played around with the font size, leading and positioning to try and keep the three banners ‘alive’ and fresh and not looking to staid.

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For the new project ‘Image Manipulation, Water the Source of Life’, I have decided to produce montage images based around the theme of ‘Plastic Oceans’ – looking at how plastic is polluting the oceans.

Plastic penetrates ocean life at all levels, from tiny plankton like particles to a huge ‘plastic soup’ known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or Pacific Trash Vortex that stretches from California and almost reaches Japan. Though plastic is already harming the seas and wildlife, it has potentially devastating future consequents for the marine environment if left unchecked.

The idea is to try and create images of future oceans where plastic has almost replaced life.

Sketches for montaged images


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