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Illustrator ideas for night club logo

Experimental Illustrator designs for night club logo 'The Magpies Nest'


I have tried to create a logo for a folk club – The Magpies Nest.

A club already exists with this name (and kind of sums up what my imaginary club would do – so much for originality!) www.themagpiesnest.co.uk/

Anyhow I was stuck for a new snappy name, so for the purposes of this exercise have stuck with this one.

The logos have all been created in Illustrator which is a vector based programme rather than bitmap (Photoshop), therefore the majority of work created in Illustrator can be rescaled without loss of quality.

It’s quite a literal logo, but I like bird imagery very much and a magpie is a distinctive looking bird that can be pared back to its black and white basics and still be recognisable.

The basic shape of the bird was traced using the pen tool. I imported a photo of a magpie into illustrator to use as a template.

I wanted the logo to be contained in a circle –  suggestive of a nest, and can be (hopefully)easily dropped against a background and not get lost.

I experimented with different types of fonts. I tried out a few which were suggestive of broadsheet fonts, which ballads and popular songs were originally printed on in the 18th and 19th centuries, but this gave a too old fashioned feel.

I tried using experimental fonts from Dafont such as Bodyhunter  which looks like letters cut out from a newspaper (alluding to the Magpie’s weakness for collecting things). Though I liked the look of these – they did not scale down very well . I eventually chose a font called L Regular which still had a printed quality to it which I like but is much more readable when reduced to a smaller size. I also experimented with the idea of replacing the letter i with a key from a font called Avian – which is another reference to the Magpie’s fondness for collecting objects – shiny ones in particular.

In Illustrator I played around with tools such as Pathfinder to join two objects together in various ways. I used the Warp tool to change the edges of the circle to suggest a nest .

I played around with various pen and brushes so that the Magpie did not have such a hard edged feel to it. I ended up favouring a chalk/charcoal pencil from the brush libraries  in the Windows menu. I also experimented with these brushes for the stroke of the circles.

I wanted a metallic colour and accessed these through the swatch libraries in the windows menu (colour books – pantone metallic coated).

I also played around the idea with filling the silhouette of the bird with a one of the scans I had made for the project (place the photo, select it with the pathway of the Magpie, go to the object menu and select clipping path – make).


Here’s some I did earlier…

This was a classroom exercise to produce  logo in Illustrator – I chose the theme of Musiclovr. I downloaded various free dingbats and fonts to play around with.

musiclovr logo

musiclovr logo, Illustrator exercise


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