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Final Hand In

I wanted an earthy, natural and woodland feel to the background image, with a mysterious/magical quality to it. I wanted this to compliment the logo and also hint the kind of music that might be heard without using too literal imagery – I think it might be a bit obscure and may need developing!

Montaged trees

Single photo of tree from wild park duplicated and rotated four times and layered with gold background layer (pantone metallic coated – from colour library). Various layer effects applied (soft light, overlay, darken) plus individual layers colour adjusted and posterized, 50% opacity applied to top three layers.

Montaged feathers

Single feather image duplicated three times and overlayed with a silver fill and a multiple layer effect applied. Other layer effects applied – hard and vivid light. Adjustments made from the image menu – posterize and invert.

Montaged scanned flowers

Various scanned images of flowers and seed heads duplicated and reflected over laid with a gold fill. Various layer effects applied (multiply, exclusion, lighten and dissolve) – Opacity of 50% applied to some layers. Noise added from filter menu to some layers and a gaussian blur applied to others.


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