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showcase capture

final design for showcase

This is the final designs for the group showcase.

I think we worked well as a team – the project evolved pretty smoothly over the five weeks and we discussed and developed our ideas and took on board each others’ suggestions on how the parts of the projects we as individuals were working on could be improved.

My contribution to the project was to draft and write the proposal as well as as put the PPT presentation together.

I also developed the logo with input from the other team members and created some mock-ups of the web page.

I also collated, printed and bound the project report and created CD artwork.

Sylvia’s expertise got the whole page working – she managed to find some jquery on the Web which allowed alternate background images which gives a sparkly movement to it. She also got hold of a temporary ‘lite’ licence for cu3er which help to create the exact cu3er we wanted – this meat we could have it ona transparent background which allows the images behind to show through.

Jane sorted out the budget and minutes and helped develop the layout ideas and Pedro created the background ‘animated’ images and the home page.


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This is my portfolio site

I have included a favicon

I have obfiscated my e-mail

I have added linkedin and flickr links

I found a bit of code on a forum that allows the image to change each time you return to or refresh the homepage – it took a bit of deconstructing to understand it and a bit of fiddling about to get it to work but I managed it – hurrah!

I have used slimbox for the images

I applied the CSS3 styling that  I had used in the previous web 2.0 project – round corners and shadows

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