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Vector interface example 1

For this project we had to a website using vector based graphic produced in Illustrator.

I have based my webpage on the chosen website I am going to update.  This is Baren Forum which is a website dedicated to the art of woodblock

The interface I produced has two main vector elements to it:

A background.  I created by scanning one of my woodblocks. I took it into Illustrator and applied live trace to it which converted it into an editable vector based image. I altered the colour and opacity and cleaned it up a bit.

A main page. I drew a rectangle to which I applied the warp and wrinkle tools to create a deckled edge to mimic the japanese paper that woodblocks are traditionally printed on. The opacity was knocked back to make it look translucent. I applied a drop shadow (not vector based) to pull it away from the background.

I kept the logo simple – just using the name, but in a nice display font (LLRubberGrotesque downloaded from dafont) with a rough printed feel to it. This was also used for the menu bar. The lines used in the header was a  free downloaded brush which has a hand drawn/woodcut  feel to  it.

I avoided creating a literal logo of a baren which is a flat disk used to burnish  the back of a sheet of paper to pick up ink from a wood block. Instead I echoed the shape in the main section of the page. I have created circular shapes to hold different woodblock images. This was done by producing a circle with the shape tool, importing the image, selecting both and making a clipping path (these would not be vector elements of the web page as they are scanned images). The main image is a japanese woodblock downloaded from a website called Vintage Printable – which shares downloadable copyright free images. The other two were taken from the Baren Forum members page.


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This was a vector based project produced in Illustrator. We had to produce an Octopus following downloaded instructions. The main tool we used was pathfinder.

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